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                                CNC Solutions SwedenAB was founded in 2003 by Jan Ek and have since then give support and been

                                responsable  for Fanuc applications for several Swedish and foreign machine tool builders and end users.

                                CNC Solutions has focused on use Fanuc CNC from Japan, to be able to offer the highest level of service

                                and the highes quality product on the market today to our customers. The company is operated by myself,

                                who has been in machine tool business since 1986, and got in contact with Fanuc CNC in 1988.

                                Since then have I been employed by companies such as GE Fanuc, Modig Machine Tool AB, SAJO, and Nikom.

                                The Applications I have done, has mostly been complex multi axis  and multi channel machines

                                having 5 to 27 axis and 1 to 5 NC-channels, full 5-axis machines



    Service for machine tool builders

  • CNC Selection
  • Preparation for electrical diagrams
  • HMI Programming
  • PLC-Programming
  • Uppstart och drifttagning
  • Servo adjustments
  • KGM Measuring
  • Training
  • startup at enduser
  • Upgrading and retrofit at enduser
  • Documentation
  • Translation of documentation and manuals to and from Russian

    Service for endusers

  • Hjälp med specialfunktioner och optioner i Fanuc styrsystem
  • Add new functions to machines, like custom M-codes
  • Add tool measuring and part locationg probes and programing of custom cycles
  • Retrofit of CNC and all electrical including new cabinett and components
  • Robot Interface


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                                Contact information

                                CNC Solutions Sweden AB

                                Hagagatan 55

                                SE-571 37 Nässjö


                                +46 70 222 76 83




                                Last updated 2010-03-31